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The medalist of IPhO

International Physical Olympic  (Physical Society TT's interview)

Until became representative

 It is all beginning to participate in a Japanese physical Olympic "physical challenge" (hereinafter JPhO).I wrote a outline flow of the table at below, and more information please watch to the web site of the physical challenge.You would find it if searching for "physical challenge".Since the following table is a schedule of "Physical Challenge 2014", it may differ from the current one.

Time  Problem  Remarks  Whole
 Jan.  Experimental challenge Publication  Experimental challenge was "friction".  JPhO Qualifier
Experiment report and Theory examination High rank100 Final contest  
 June  Experimental report deadline  The excellent report, it will be awarded the experiment Excellence Award.
 July  Theory test  90 minutes mark sheet method, reference books bring Allowed.
 Aug.  JPhO finals  Camp of 4 days and 3 nights. Theory test is 5 hours and experimental test is 5 hours. Test is also important, but the fellow is also important!  JPhO Final…Grader more than Bronze medal(High rank 30)、Student who are lower than eleventh. candidate representative from Japan
 Sept.  Fall camp  @Karuizawa Meeting together and the future of the description  The candidate representative from Japan training
We submit the issue of correction every month.(Serious)The head decides All star representative 5 by result of the camp in spring.  
 Dec.  Winter camp  @Tokyo Institute of Technology Experiment, theory training (tough)
 Mar.  Spring camp  @Tokyo Institute of Technology Experimental test, the two theory test
 May.  Experimental training  @Osaka University Optical experiment was the main  We continued the representative from Japan training, correction of the issue of theory.
 July  IPhO  @India Mumbai Next year is Switzerland.  IPhO!!


Physical Olympic

Until departure

July 2  just before training: Past questions exercises of the experimental problem
July 3  Ketsudan formula at Tokyo University of Science:To the people of the physical Olympic past participants (hereinafter OP), we received a grand tilt named encouragement. (According to the people there, usually on the order of gold medals if luck is so taken. Laughs)
 Was headed to India, it is a member of the right photo. From left
Mr.W (Todaiji school one year):He is same team since JPhO, and most longer friend of relationship. He likes animation. In final day, I watched “MY youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected” with him. Unexpectedly, it was so enjoyable.
Mr.Y (Osaka star optical Institute 2 years):He was roommate of India. Because he didn’t flinch to eat all Indian foods, he was called ”food fighter”. But the meaning is somewhat different…
Mr.T (We coverd him):Other members are very excellent students. I’m happy to join the I was so happy to join as team member. I stood on center in this picture, because it is table of the Japanese kana syllabary.
Mr.k(Nada High School three years):)He is a captain of the Japanese national team in this year. If he take a picture, almost pictures is blur, so he was called “BURE K”.
Mr.U (Nada High School one year):He is a friend who was sick with T. He likes horror. When he go to horror house, his spirits is unusual.Through training and IPho, we are getting alone than expected results.


4th of July. To India

 We went to India via Singapore from Haneda Airport.I have been to Singapore in February at school trip of Koishikawa secondary education school in February.We arrive at India at 22 o'clock.When we go out the airport, we felt hot air like sauna.Teacher and OPs stay at other hotel. Because they have a work about translation of the problem.(In Physics Olympics we can challenge the problem at the language of one's native country.) It is prevent a leak of problem.After we went out the airport, we were spilt into players and teachers.

 After we met guide of Japan team at hotel, we went to bed soon.By the way the hotel is five-star. Maybe I'll not going to stay in the future.I thought "India is generous", but the reason maybe that steering committee supposition the worst case.

5th of July. Opening ceremony

 Breakfast was the climax of the first one.First meal in India, we all had been scared by that.Before departure, do not drink the tap water (toothpaste also mineral water) and a player who ate the stalls of ice in the two years before the biological Olympic Games returned home in a wheelchair, in such a too threatened, in particular It is a weak adult of the gastrointestinal I did not eat almost coupled with tension.Although retort food was brought in large quantities, it also does not occur feel like eating too much, while in India the calorie intake had cut one day 500kcal.It is sick after so.

 After breakfast, I received a variety of goods, a finished the player registration.It prevents the leakage of exam questions.It will collect the electronic equipment.

 Traditional dance of India has been showcased in the opening ceremony. However, we have slept everyone, except for me and Mr.K.Because it was tired for a long time of movement, it is no way (laughs).Also, I have a Pikachu stuffed bought in Haneda Airport, played a cute character.experience the Australian study tour of two weeks in the third grade junior high school (debacle), and have experienced the American study (success) in the first year high school, exchanges with people abroad, it will be well.Opportunity to talk with other countries players for thanks to this Pikachu is increased, and I was grinning mind.To Macau girls had large Rilakkumais, I thought lost.


6th of July. Excursion
(Planetarium, Museum)

 I'm sorry to India, but it was not interesting.In planetarium, Japanese one was more beautiful than Indian one. So, we had a doze in this time, and the Netherlands player were made us to wake up.I'm sorry to be disgrace oneself in public at that time.And, it's not intend, but our first happily team was Italy and Germany.Although it's miracle, I had a complex feelings.

7th of July. Experimental test

 The main experiment was "analysis of the light and interference" in this year.I don't explanation detailed now, but I couldn't show my ability well.So, I thought my score is about 5 ( perfect score is 20 ).Actually, I was feel relieved because my score was 9. ( But it's low score too. )When we had the test, squall was so noisy in outside, and fly was come in the room. I thought it was interference of India unique.


8th of July. Excursion
(Training facilities, Stroll Mumbai)

 I'm sorry again, it was not interesting.Because, the experiment we saw was so easy and India was so hot.On the one hand stroll was very hard, but it's good experience for me.We can't go to slum because that area is not safe.

So we went to nomal city. But, When we get down bus, the merchant demand us to buy a drum(snare).Then, I thought that olympic staff of India are going to experiment about sounds. Maybe, they duped me.Finally, I was helped by Mr.K.I was surprised that people sell foods. Because fly swarm around the foods( People gloss over by a lot of smoke of incense).Although that day was the day before theory test, I could experience "India".


9th of July. Theory test

 As mentioned above, because I was almost fasting, in the end my stomach went wrong. Plus, because lack of sleep, stomachache, and strain, the test was looks like hell.
But I could get a good score than experiment test, so I was relieved. The contents were about thermal radiation of the sun and substance of the nuclear power generation.

10th of July. Excursion
(Imagica! Amusement park)

 It's most good experience in the IPhO.That theme park is full-scale building had received support from Europe and China.So, it's high quality.I have been played card games with national team members before, but we haven't been such place with the member before.So, the day was very exciting.
For example, the swing of the attraction were very strong even receive a complaint from a customer, or the attraction made us soaking excess.Water looks like waterfall splashed on my bag.One time, because we turned coffee cup a lot, we got sick.It's good old memory.



11th of July. Excursion
(Mahindra car factory)

 Since it takes five hours from the hotel to the factory, wake up 5 o'clock in this morning.The day before, it was the excursions of the mystery that are forced to choose either not go or go. But I was the participation under K's bold decision (?).And to get drunk on the heading bus. it was tiring because the condition of the gastrointestinal also was bad.Tour content was also a feeling such as advertising of companies. So we had to remember the name Mahindra, We will the other side of the prospectus was successful, but it is frustrating.Return of bus. Just that I've to talk about Indian culture with K's, it was not just necessarily a bad thing.

12th of July. Closing ceremony

 Because my experiment test had thought about five points as described above, I was very nervous is not know how medals can really take.When I arrived at the venue, Since representative of Iceland had obtained the results of the paper, I had to show secretly. I was relieved really there is my name at the bronze medal.Since had been variously failed, it did not mean that the best results. But I think minimal line is the acquisition of medals, and was relieved to about collapse. (There are rumors that it would not get a medal is struck by certain Internet bulletin board. (Laughs))

 It is given to the Gold in the upper 8% of the participants. Silver is in the next 16%. Copper is in the next 16%. There, Mr. W is gold, Mr. K and Mr. Y is silver, I and Mr. U is the copper.China, South Korea, the United States, Russia, etc. those country has taken the gold medal about five people most.

Return home

13th of July

 There was dangerous trouble that is claimed Wifi bill that does not use at the time of check-out. However, it was safely to survive per return.Farewell with Mr. K it was regrettable. However, since the meal was hard, and stood so much India without any regrets (laughs).Flight meal was very delicious.

14th of July

 After returning home, we were paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Shimomura Hirofumi Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister and by the busy in the security bill, we had to pick Fujii Motoyuki Deputy Minister.Then, make the TV coverage (Goody), was disbanded.In Goody, I have been strangely Future Despite the bronze medal, for only Kanto region.I was nervous because it was the first TV interview experience. However, I was relieved, because it was not reflected too bad If you look at what has been broadcast.

This article was written based on interviews with Mr.T・T in November 2015

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